Tibetan Language Publications

The department publishes and distributes a wide range of publications concerning Tibetan studies worldwide. It produces numerous publications annually in Tibetan in close collaboration with the Research and Translation Department. It publishes an average of six books a year, and has brought out more than 142 titles since 1972. While the sale of publications provides operating funds for the institution in general, their wide distribution serves to raise global awareness of Tibetan culture and Buddhist philosophy.

Two periodicals – Tam Tsog and Science Journal are brought out annually. The former features articles on Tibetan history, art, philosophy, literature and language while the latter covers the translations of various aspects of modern science. Some special editions have been dedicated to single topic such as the Tibetan Government and court systems, the Muslim community and the visual arts. The journal also publishes articles related to Nepal, Bhutan, Mongolia and the Trans-Himalayan regions which have geographical and cultural affinities to Tibet.

The maiden issue of Science Journal was produced in 2000. The journal is published in Tibetan language and features concepts and principles of modern science as well as translation of articles or speeches on science. The journal is published in a series and has primarily covered general physics and neuroscience.